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• Eco-Friendly MicroFiber MIRACLE CLOTH

MIRACLE CLOTH works better than any other cleaning material on the market today with or without chemicals. Made from Starfiber microfiber the original MIRACLE CLOTH picks up and traps dust, dirt, grease and particles inside the star-shaped grooves of the fiber.

Miracle Cloth

MIRACLE CLOTH cleans almost anything using only water! Each cloth is made of over two million yards of StarFiber microfiber for 30 times the cleaning power of an ordinary cleaning cloth.

Each strand of StarFiber microfiber is both oil and water attracting and comprised of two components, wedge-shaped polyester filaments and a core of nylon woven into masses of tiny hooks and loops.

The sharp edges of millions of these fibers cut through dried-in stains, attracting and absorbing dirt and micro-particles, eliminating the need for additional chemical cleansers.

MIRACLE CLOTH StarFiber is not treated with any chemicals. The capillary effect between the filaments and nylon core creates a high absorbency, which in turn, enables the fiber to clean and polish at the same time. This is why only water is needed to clean any type of surface. Do not over wet the cloth, this will decrease the effectiveness.

Miracle Cloths

MIRACLE CLOTH IS IDEAL FOR CLEANING: Mirrors • Computers • Monitors • Tools Countertops • Sinks • Stainless Steel • Blackboards • Walls • Spots on Clothes • Refrigerators • Furniture • Bathrooms • Copper • Appliances • Cars • Boats Silverware • TV Screens • Range Hood • Paintings • Jewelry • Painted Metal • Motorcycles • Golf Clubs • Airplanes • Toys • Stove • Glass • Electronics • Leather • Art Work • Runners • Brass • Chrome • Windows • Glass Tables...


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